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BitNet  ($BTNT)


Eco-friendly digital asset for the future world

$BTNT, the Future proof Digital Coin with Fastest & Lowest Fee based on Secure & Scalable Blockchain Ecosystem.

Join the Mission to develop others while you are making profits. It's a win-win project!  read more →


Trust. Knowledge. Experience.

It’s never too soon to start thinking about your financial future, and to start saving for it. Our mission is to simplify your current financial situation, and help you prepare for what’s down the road. We work with our clients to help them better understand what options are available, and advise them on the best investment decisions to make. Together we’ll set, achieve, and exceed all of your financial goals.


We are now on BSC Mainnet & Bitgert Mainnet.
We'll develop our own blockchain sooner!!!!



BRC20, the latest & trustworthy network with the honesty you need.

Fast & Scalable

The ultra-fast 100,000 Transactions per second & 15s block.


Fully decentralized blockchain with high-speed transactions.


Approx, Zero* cost gas fee for all the transactions on our blockchain.



We are a small helping group(amc) in West Bengal, India. We are working & trying to help among the needy villagers from last 10 years! Now we are dedicated to provide a super-fast decentralized digital wealth system($BTNT) to provide them a good life & make this world more greener. Our mission is to bring smiles to many hopeless faces! We are working to make a future proof, happy, healthy, non-toxic, carbonless, beautiful world.

Be a part of this smart mission by staking/holding BitNet Coin. It's a win-win project.

BRISE groth.jpg


Here’s What’s Happening

We are committed to keeping the members of our community/holders informed and involved. We love sharing news and updates with our fellow fans and want to make sure you never miss a thing.



1.  Honest BRC20 based blockchain system.
2.  The leading Eco-friendly network in w3 ecosystem.
3.  Security of your digital assets is our 1st priority.
4.  Fully Decentralized blockchain with high-speed transactions. There is no other party/middleman/controller between
the sender & the receiver.
5.  Don’t wait for your funds. The ultra-fast 100,000 Transactions per second & 15s block. As well as easy-to-use.
6.  World’s first ever, Zero cost* gas fee for all the transactions on our blockchain, which covers our mission to make a
future proof, happy, healthy, non-toxic, carbonless, beautiful world.
7.  For each transaction, our $BTNT holders will get rewarded some $BTNT as a gift. That means, the more transactions
made by others, you’ll get more gifts! How cool! Isn’t it?
8.  Best Developer, Supporter & RnD team for our BRC20 Blockchain.
9.  And many more……

Be a part of this smart mission by staking/holding BitNet Coin. It's a win-win project.



*There are two major types of fees/charges deducted for any blockchain based decentralized asset transaction from the asset sender. The first one is the huge GAS FEE and The second one is the TAX for the decentralized project which is little less.

Others have 5% to 15% Gas fees and another 5% to 10% Tax fees for their digital decentralized asset transfer. But, as we said earlier, this project is running on BRC20 based ecosystem, which uses approx ‘ZERO GAS FEE’! That means- ‘Zero’ carbon emission for computing any asset($BTNT) transaction you made. You don't have to pay any gas fee for your $BTNT transaction. It covers one of our great missions to make a future-proof, happy, healthy, non-toxic, carbonless, beautiful world. As well as enjoy a happy p-to-p asset transfer experience.

*Read 'BitNet Coin white paper' to know the fee structure in detail...


*Before buying & selling $BTNT, please be aware of our smart mission. Because it's not just a business/investment plan, but it's also a wonderful social work.
We are here to run looooong!!! 


*Today there are various digital asset programs on the web. We are not forcing anyone to contribute to this project. But you can support us to make those needy children happy by participating or just sharing it with your friends. Be with us to make this world Greener & Safer for your child. Grow with us or watch us to grow. The choice is yours.


*Today many scammers are ready to steal your hard-earned money. Make a research & only contribute to trustworthy projects. Get an expert consultation before investing. These kinds of digital asset markets are highly volatile. Be safe, be secure. Wishing you a verry happy digital journey.

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